Bournemouth vs. Crystal Palace

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What better way to end the year than by watching a soccer game?!

Bournemouth vs. Crystal Palace they will meet for the first time this season at the Vitality Stadium. The first is 14th in the standings and the second is 11th, with only a three point difference.

The local team has 16 units in 4 games won, 4 draws and 8 losses. He also records 18 goals scored against the 43 he conceded.

The eagles will play as visitors. They come to this match with 19 points obtained in 5 wins, 4 draws and 6 losses. In addition, they accumulate 15 goals in favor that are counteracted with the 21 received.

Regarding the actuality that each one has:

  • The bournemouth they have won 2 of the last 5 matches and lost 3. The most recent was a 2-0 loss to Chelsea.
  • The Crystal Palace they have 2 draws, 2 losses and two wins in their last 5 games played. The closest was a defeat a few days ago against Fulham 3-0.

Next, we present you three forecasts of the match.

Bournemouth vs. Crystal Palace

Forecast 1: each team scores at least one goal

Why is this forecast likely to happen?

It turns out that the goal average that the Bournemouth per game is to score at least 1 goal. Can I score more? Yes, but generally it records an annotation.

The same goes for the Crystal Palace. The average goal for the eagles is one goal. 15 games, 15 goals.

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It is because of this statistic that we can say that each set can meet its average.

Pick 2: Bournemouth win

Playing at home is always an advantage for the teams. And based on what we see this season, the cherries they do better when the game is in their stadium. They have the greatest number of goals and victories with the Vitality Stadium as a witness.

In addition to this, in the last match between both teams the victory was on the side of the cherries. They won the duel for the EFL CUP 11×10. Another victory they have is in 2018 by 2-1. Coincidentally, these two wins happened with Bournemouth being local.

In addition, the cherries have a 33% chance of keeping those three points.

Pick 3: Crystal Palace triumph

The balance leans 38% towards the victory of the eagles.

Of the last 5 times these teams have met, this team has been victorious on 3 occasions. And all three are the most recent. One in 2020, by 0-2. Another in 2019, by 1-0 and the most ancient also in that year, by 5-3.

Where to watch Bournemouth vs. Palace

This game is played on Saturday, December 31 at 12 noon in Chile. You can watch it on ESPN or via streaming with Star+.

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