Arsenal vs. Newcastle: Chronicle of the Draw 0-0

In this article you will read the chronicle of the match between Arsenal vs. Newcastle for the Premier League

Arsenal and Newcastle drew 0-0 and no differences were drawn at the Emirates Stadium on date 19 of the Premier League. A game that defined third place and the advantage that Arteta’s team could take over Manchester City.

Both teams had several chances to score, but neither was decisive. The Newcastle goalkeeper Nick Popefinished with four saves and ramsdale with a.

Granite Xhaka Y Joseph Willock they were the most insistent for their teams. The Swiss created three chances in total and finished with 82% possession of the ball. On the other hand, the Englishman was fine in the recovery and in the counterattacks.

Now Arteta’s men are waiting for what City will do against Chelsea, to see if Guardiola’s men reduce the difference. While Newcastle is tied for third place with Manchester United, but the Red Devils They have one less game.

Prior to this clash, Arsenal had eleven wins in a row at the Emirates Stadium against Newcastle. That streak was broken. What does continue is that the Gunners They have seven commitments without conceding goals from the magpies.

Let’s see how this commitment developed.

Arsenal vs. Newcastle: Match Chronicle

First half: everything from Arsenal

the box Mikel Arteta He came out to eat the field from the first minute. High and block pressure with Edward Nketiah Y Bukayo Saka as main protagonists.

The first occasion of the commitment came after three minutes with a shot from gabriel martinelli that Pope covered. on the rebound, martin odegaard he tried, but the defense stopped the shot. Two minutes later, Bukayo Saka He made an individual and crossed a shot that easily reached the goalkeeper’s hands.

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Granite Xhaka He had a very clear shot at 7′ with a point-blank shot that went to the side of the post. Arsenal gave Newcastle no truce. The visitors hardly touched the ball during the initial ten minutes.

Newcastle got their first chance with the ball stopped at 17′. Kieran Trippier took a corner kick straight to the head of fabian scharbut the ball went wide.

After the 20th minute, the match was tied up with many disputes in the core area. Arsenal’s pressure ceased and Newcastle was erratic with the ball in the opposite field.

Second time of Arsenal vs. newcastle

In the plugin everything continued as it ended in the first half. The two erratic teams facing the goal.

Newcastle bet on the aerial game with the punch of trippier and headbutts of schar. At 49′ the Swiss almost scored that way. Later, callum wilson appeared in the game and shot from outside the area and the ball went over the top.

Arsenal did not get the same spaces as in the first half until minute 60. Miguel Almiron was replaced by Jacob Murphy and this caused Alexander Zinchenko attack more on that side.

At 71′ Martinelli He had a clear one with his classic cut to the middle and shot, but Pope saved it. The same Brazilian winger had a one-on-one that the black and white goalkeeper won in the end.

During the final minutes, he tried it with centers to the area, but Schar and Botmann They took it upon themselves to reject everything.

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next matches

Arsenal visits Tottenham on the following date of the Premier on January 15. On the other hand, Newcastle hosts Fulham at St. James’ Park that same day.

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