“Women trying to scam athletes,” the phenomenon explained by an NBA player

The diatribe between Zion Williamson and porn star Moriah Mills has taken on the contours of the soap opera.

Now come statements from the rookie Jalen Williams to explain how dangerous casual relationships can be for NBA players. The Oklahoma City Thunder youngster told how easy it is to fall into the “traps” of women who want to “set up” athletes, hinting that he experiences the so-called “honey trapping” phenomenon with some concern.

I focus on my game and my physique, I try to stay away from women during the season. I’ve seen a lot of things this year, like girls waiting for you in lobbies or in front of hotel rooms because they know our schedules, you often get direct messages on social media. It’s easy to be fooled, they wait for you after a good game and ask you to go to dinner or out… But then I’ve seen wallets disappear, photos taken without consent while you’re sleeping… The repercussions of these evenings can be very serious, it’s no secret, surfing Twitter a bit you’ll all have noticed.

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