Why do we all assume that Irving wants to leave the Brooklyn Nets?

No one knows what the Brooklyn Nets will be next season. With Kevin Durant’s trade request conditioning their NBA offseason and rumors of Kyrie Irving’s trade to the Lakers for Russell Westbrook in full swing, the team currently lives on uncertain ground.

According to a source from Brian Lewis of the New York Post, this is what the Nets star is thinking right now. The source says Kyrie Irving’s mind is clouded by constant trade chatter when the All-Star has never asked for a trade, truth be told.

“How did we get into this situation where they want to trade him when it happened?” the source asked rhetorically. “Here’s the situation. He accepted the Player Option, which means he had and has every intention of playing with the Brooklyn Nets. KD decides he wants out and now everyone is talking about trading Kyrie, right?”

According to the source, Kevin Durant’s trade demand was combined with finding a way to rid the Nets of Kyrie Irving when the opt-in made his intentions clear. However, Irving acknowledges that if it is the Brooklyn Nets who want a split, it is a different story.

Let’s see how this situation unfolds however, we can only admit that the Brooklyn Nets have gone from being a Space Jam team to being nothing in not even 2 seasons. It has truly been a one-off in the basketball world. There was no building. Just a desire to win now, with no thought of tomorrow.

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