Why Brooklyn is interested in Carmelo Anthony and Dwight Howard

There is a lot of uncertainty around the Brooklyn Nets right now as they try to find a solution to the Kevin Durant trade saga. Regardless, the front office has yet to prepare for any eventuality as the new season approaches. Right now a couple of veterans from the Los Angeles Lakers are being pitched to the Nets as they try to complete their roster.
According to an anonymous Eastern Conference executive, both Carmelo Anthony and Dwight Howard may be on Brooklyn’s radar. Speaking with Thomas Darro of heavy.com, the executive explained why he believes both veterans would be a viable option for the Nets:

“They need another guy under the basket, but they don’t feel a lot of pressure to fill that spot. There are veterans who can sign this month or even early next month: Dwight Howard would be the obvious one, maybe Hassan Whiteside as well. Cody Zeller is also out there. They want to see what Nic Claxton can give them, but they also want insurance. And they will play small ball a lot by having Ben Simmons on the court. I expect them to aim for 14 real guys, plus the various players in the G-League. There’s also been talk of their intention to sign Carmelo Anthony, perhaps with the idea of trying to get Kevin Durant that way as well, but obviously there have been no developments, at least not yet.”

Both Anthony and Howard saw their respective contracts with the Lakers expire after last season. It does not appear that Los Angeles is interested in giving either of them a new deal, at least not for now, so it is very likely that both former superstars will end up in different uniforms in 2022-2023, perhaps Brooklyn’s.

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