When LeBron James played in Varese as a total unknown.

As Varese Sport recalls, it was the April 20, 2000 when a young man of high hopes was entering one of the most important tournaments on the national basketball scene, we can even international, given the caliber of players who participated, that there is. But what are we talking about? About LeBron James in Varese and the Young Legends Tournament.

At that time the event was called Sergio Rizzi Memorial, when young James, wearing the tunic of Team Ohio, performed at the foot of Sacred Mountain without knowing that this would be only one of the first steps in his glorious career.

A most curious anecdote concerns the family that hosted LeBron James in Varese because at the time it worked that some families of young Varese players would provide a room in their house to allow these NBA hopefuls to sleep and eat. King apparently did not talk to anyone. He never ate with his host family, the Forni family, dribbled all day long, sent e-mails-although it was not known how, since he did not have the young Italian’s PC password-and called the United States all the time. The phone bill was a drain on the Forni family; there was not yet the Internet of today; intercontinental calls were paid. And how they paid.

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