Wembanyama made his pro debut by losing to an Italian team

In the last 3-5 days you have heard only one name and one surname associated with the NBA: Victor Wembanyama.

The Frenchman class of 2004 is capturing all the media attention in the NBA world. Both because of his performance against Scott Henderson and the Ignites and because he already showed in France that he can compete at a very high level, almost as if he were a veteran and not an 18-year-old in his second real pro season.

There is, however, a curiosity you may not know about Victor Wembanyama: his pro debut came against an Italian team.

In 2019, on October 29, a few months before the pandemic-related chaos broke out, he made his EuroCup debut at just 15 years old-he would turn 16 on January 4, 2020-and he did so with Nanterre, his team at the time, against Germani Brescia by 31 seconds and 7 tenths, in a match won by the Italians with 16 from Lansdowne and 14 from Horton, in addition to Cain ’s 9. Incidentally, in that Nanterre also played Isaïa Cordinier, now with Virtus Bologna.

That night Wembanyama became the second youngest player in the competition to make his debut, only Stefan Petkovic in 2007 managed to do better.

For the sake of the record, the French baby phenom entered ”dead-side, ” playing the last 31.7 seconds with his team down by 7.

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