Warriors, has Jordan Poole gone overboard?

In the night from the San Francisco Bay Area came news of a physical confrontation in practice between Draymond Green and Jordan Poole. The two have been separated from their teammates, but the episode has cast some shadows on Poole ’s behavior in the recent period. According to Chris Haynes, some players from the Golden State Warriors would have noticed a change in the attitude of the companion, as soon as they started talking about renewal to NBA star figures. Rumors that will obviously come from very specific sources, which, however, remained anonymous.

Throwing water on the fire, Andre Iguodala tried: ”What we ’re not going to do is talk bad about my young friend JP — a guy with a great personality, don ’t bother me with these str*****e coming from a ’SOURCE ’. And it ’s family business with my brother Draymond Green, too. ”.

But the incident was also an opportunity to bring back Klay Thompson ’s words from a few days ago. After winning a three-point contest against him in Japan, Klay had said on camera: ”It was good to bring Jordan Poole back to earth. ”. Obviously Thompson intended to jokingly provoke his comrade, but in light of what happened his words take on a whole other aspect.

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