Victor Wembanyama signs a LEGENDARY performance against the Lakers

Victor Wembanyama is only in his first season in the NBA and in the 50 games he has played so far, the Frenchman of the San Antonio Spurs has already been capable of performances that have put him rightfully in the NBA history books: on the night the Texans lost 123-118 to LeBron James’ Los Angeles Lakers but Wembanyama signed another legendary contest in terms of numbers put up.

The Frenchman became the 15th player in history to write on the scoreboards a 5X5, or at least 5 between points, rebounds, assists, steals and stoppages: 27 points, 10 rebounds, 8 assists, 5 steals and 5 stoppages are the incredible figures at the Frenchman’s final buzzer, the most incredible thing is that he was able to do it in only 30 minutes and 55 seconds on the court, an absolute record for a 5X5.

These are his words at the end of the race: “I wonder if Michael Jordan did it by winning, not losing. For me, the numbers are secondary, I hope in the future we can look back and see it as a very good game played, but today I can’t be satisfied because we lost

Even an NBA legend like LeBron James expressed astonishment at Wembanyama, calling him unique, special and limitless at the end of the game against his Los Angeles Lakers.

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