Vanessa Bryant’s lawyer: “Photos of Kobe shared for laughs.”

The trial over Vanessa and Kobe Bryant’s invasion of privacy against the Los Angeles County sheriff and fire department has begun. Her attorney has made some shocking revelations and allegations about the leak of Kobe Bryant’s accident photos.

Vanessa and Kobe Bryant’s lawyer, Luis Li, said Wednesday in his opening statement that photos of the accident scene taken by a deputy and a fire captain were “visual gossip” shared “for laughs.” The lawyer stressed that the sharing had no official purpose and therefore they violated the Bryant family’s privacy.

In addition, as previously reported, an officer from the sheriff’s office allegedly shared “photos of Kobe’s decapitated body” while at a bar in Norwalk.

“Deputies playing video games shared them. They were shared repeatedly with people who had absolutely no reason to receive them,” Li explained via ESPN.

For what it’s worth, the Los Angeles County attorney defended the taking of the cell phone photos and stressed that it is an “essential” tool for first responders in sharing information.

It remains to be seen how the trial will turn out, but it is expected to be extensive and last for 10 days. Vanessa Bryant is seeking millions in compensation for the enormous impact that unauthorized photo sharing had on their family life.

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