Utah fans crazy about Fontecchio: viral welcome video

Simone Fontecchio to the Utah Jazz has been perhaps the most incredible news of this NBA free agency. Partly because we didn’t think it could happen and partly because it was a bolt out of the blue on a mid-July Sunday.

Now that it’s all official, complete with an announcement from the Salt Lake City franchise, we can believe it for real. And we are overjoyed that this has happened, both because he deserved it and because he will grow a lot and be an additional factor for our national team.

In the meantime, Utah Jazz fans are also already raving about the boy from Pescara by birth but Bologna by adoption. Especially, a Twitter profile of fans of the Spanish-speaking Utah franchise posted a video presentation for Simone Fontecchio.

Below is the video we were telling you about.:

It is, of course, a roundup of hoops by the former Baskonia and Alba Berlin, both with clubs and with Italy. All strictly with a very Italian soundtrack. Of course, having played in Liga ACB helped him in getting this “award” from this fringe of Jazz fans.

Now we have to figure out how and how much he will be employed. There is no doubt that he will mainly play in the small wing role however, what will make the difference is the minutes they will give him in Utah.


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