Tyrese Rice heavily criticizes the NBA: ‘It’s like wrestling. But not because of the intensity…

Former EuroLega star with a very long past at Maccabi Tel Aviv, Tyrese Rice, had harsh words after watching last night’s NBA games.

Tyrese Rice published a couple of posts on X, arguing that it is difficult to watch current NBA basketball.

“The NBA is so difficult to watch, yet I sit here and give it a try.” Rice wrote. “Shots without construction. Complaints on EVERY possession. No physicality in the game. Stars never foul but shoot a lot of free throws. There is never a steady game. Just a bunch of super-talented guys who are skilled at throwing the ball inside the basket.”

After it was pointed out to him that the NBA is like that, Tyrese Rice agreed but replied that it was not always like that.

“I know, man, but it hasn’t always been this way. The NBA is like wrestling now. Just entertainment.”, Rice replied.

Throughout his career, Rice has played for teams such as FC Bayern Munich, Maccabi Tel Aviv, FC Barcelona, and Panathinaikos Athens, among others.

He won the EuroLega and the MVP of the EuroLega Final Four with Maccabi in 2014. He also won a EuroCup with Khimki Moscow and was also named MVP of the EuroCup Finals and regular season in 2015.

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