Tyrell Terry retired at only 22 years old

Tyrell Terry had been selected just two years ago, at the 2022 Draft, with the 31st overall call from the Dallas Mavericks. A dream come true that for the young man, a Stanford product, soon turned into something of a nightmare, however. After two years and only 12 games in the NBA between Dallas and Memphis, Terry announced in recent hours his retirement, at only 22 years old.

The player, who in his first and last year in college had scored 14.6 points on average, told of suffering from anxiety. In recounting the malaise he experienced, Terry blamed his own sports experience for these problems, saying that he frequently woke up feeling nauseous, had chest pains, and had difficulty breathing. “To many I will forever be a bust, a failure or a waste of talent. This is perhaps true if we are talking about basketball, it is the greatest failures that lead to success. There is something more for me in this wide world and I am looking forward to exploring it. For the first time I want to find my identity outside of a basketball court.” Tyrell Terry wrote in his letter.

Tyrell Terry, Mavs’ No. 31 overall draft pick in 2020, just announced his retirement from basketball, citing “the darkest times of my life” and “the anxiety this sport has caused me.” https://t.co/1Spw5iGQ9y

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