Timeout in Lakers-Suns, the referee’s explanation of the decision

Last night there was much discussion about the timeout called by LeBron James in the final game between Los Angeles Lakers e Phoenix Suns, valid for a spot in the semifinals at the In-Season Tournament. According to many users, and even Devin Booker in the postgame, the Lakers were not in possession of the ball when James asked for the minute and the referees gave it to him, essentially allowing LA to keep a possession that seemed lost.

After the game, the referee Josh Tiven explained why this call was made and also why it would be correct.

“During the action, the referee believed that LA still had possession of the ball as LeBron James called timeout. We reviewed the action on replay after the game, Austin Reaves had his left hand on the ball, which was against his left leg. That constitutes control of possession.” Tiven explained.

Words that probably will not quell the controversy, since it is difficult to determine when exactly the situation described by the referee occurred. In the images in fact Reaves is covered by opponents and the ball immediately afterwards slips out of his hands. The Lakers will face the New Orleans Pelicans in Las Vegas on Thursday night in Italy to advance to the finals.

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