Three very important changes coming to the NBA

Some things could change in NBA in the near future at the regulatory level but also in terms of eligibility for the draft and the formula for awarding the title.

Age to enter the draft

The minimum age to declare oneself eligible for the NBA Draft is expected to be lowered to 17, two less than the current threshold. Currently, a player must be at least 19 years old in the calendar year in which the Draft is held in order to be selected. The decision to lower the age of entry into the NBA is to counter the emigration abroad of young talent who do not want to go to college. To provide an alternative, Team Ignite was created in the G-League but now the choice has been made to open the doors of the NBA early.

Fouls in transition

Tough punch on fouls committed specifically to stop transition that take away from the spectacular nature of the game. In addition to the normal penalty there will also be an additional free throw that can be taken by any active player (not necessarily the one who was fouled) and then the ball then goes back to the team that had possession, either with a throw-in or with two “normal” free throws in case of a bonus. The rule will not be applied in the last two minutes of the fourth period and in overtime to allow for systematic fouls.

Play-In Confirmation.

The play-in tournament becomes official. After the interest aroused in the last two seasons, the tournament preceding the actual Playoffs will be institutionalized and will thus always be present. The goal remains to limit tanking by involving more teams (10 per conference) in the post season, plus the dry rounds have received much public acceptance.

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