The Worst of NBA Media Day 2022

A couple of days ago in the NBA was Media Day, the day when players meet journalists for the first time ahead of training camp and take photos that will later be used by franchises for their own content. Like every year, this season’s Media Day brought joys (and sorrows, in a goliardic sense anyway): we decided to collect here the worst (which often means the best) of this inaugural day of the NBA year.

DeAndre Jordan and the number 6

After Bill Russell’s death, the NBA decided to retire its league-wide number 6. Unique in history. Those who already wore the 6 were allowed to keep it, however: so DeAndre Jordan, who signed with Denver, announced that he will not change it. In his intentions, it will be a tribute to Russell. Let’s hope the latter is not turning in his grave, given Jordan’s recent forgettable seasons between the Lakers, Sixers and Nets.

Brooklyn Nets drama.

It was also the first chance for reporters to talk to Kevin Durant since the summer soap opera. The Nets superstar had to comment on it all, including the trade request to the franchise in case Nash and GM Sean Marks were not fired. KD took the “failed” trade philosophically: “I know how strong I am, so I understand a team not wanting to give me up.” In short, not exactly the humble words to restore the environment.

Meanwhile, fellow Kyrie Irving explained how he gave up $100 million to not vaccinate against Covid. And brag, Kyrie…

Zion Williamson’s new physicist

This definitely a good thing, but one that caused a stir. Already some summer photos had spoiled it, but after a season skipped entirely Zion Williamson showed up pulled together. Doubts about his fitness seem only a distant memory, and the comparison to Media Day 2021, when the Pelicans star was clearly overweight, is truly merciless. The Sky is the Limit for this New Orleans: in his only season played almost entirely (61 of 72 games) he had maintained the beauty of 27.0 points average

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Jimmy Butler’s hair

That Jimmy had gotten extensions, although he says they are not extensions, we had already glimpsed in some summer videos. The Miami Heat star also showed up with his new look at Media Day, leaving everyone speechless. Also making the show worse was his beard, totally shaved, making Butler almost unrecognizable. Of course, his hair was the subject of reporters’ questions. He admitted that he “grew it out” mainly to troll the web, to see how people would react, and since it made a lot of “noise” he can consider himself satisfied. Will he cut them? Will he not cut them? For now, Jimmy admitted that he plans to go back to the old look, partly because do you know how annoying it is to play like that?

Paul Banchero’s swag

Paolo Banchero showed up at Media Day carrying an Italian flag, an image that will have pleased many of our compatriots and, we bet, Gianni Petrucci as well. Then Paolino went for the customary photos and one video in particular: a remake of a clip shot in his Duke days, but in NBA sauce. Style as well.

Bare chest and woolly hat: Derrick Rose’s press conference

But is it legal to show up like this at a press conference just to show that you’ve lost weight?

The Scream of Mike Brown

In the summer Mike Brown became the new coach of the Sacramento Kings. That alone would be enough, as he has already shown some signs of mental breakdown during interviews, hearing his own players screaming nearby.

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Kawhi Leonard, the funny humorist

We know it by now. Kawhi Leonard is the “Fun Guy” of the company. After more than a season in the pits due to a torn ACL, the Clippers star is about to return to the court. In the meantime, he was also the funny guy at Media Day, saying in front of the cameras, “Media Day: let’s finish this stuff and fly to Vegas!”

James Harden lost 100 pounds

In the summer some photos had already shown a particularly fit Harden, unlike usual. The Beard appeared much slimmer than in recent seasons, but when questioned on the matter he gave a surprising answer: he said he had lost 100 pounds, the equivalent of 45 kg. “You can tweet it,” Harden said. We remain wary…

Memphis Grizzlies rookies play Chinese Rookies.

If you lose, you get slapped with Mexican tortillas. Don’t ask us why, we have no idea.

Steph Curry imitates Chewbacca


Simone Fontecchio the Italian

The Utah Jazz introduced Fontecchio, appearing for the first time in his new team’s jersey. And what better way to introduce himself than by gesturing? Sim-OWN-ay fawn-TEK-ee-oh (that’s how it’s pronounced, according to the Jazz themselves) and reactions to referee calls.

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