The strange case of Dejounte Murray: He scores crucial baskets but Atlanta wants to trade him, half the NBA at the window

These are very peculiar days for Dejounte Murray, absolute star of market rumors in the NBA.

Murray, however, is mainly starring on the parquet and has branded the last two successes of the Atlanta Hawks. A few days ago he gave his team a 106-104 victory over the Orlando Magic with a step back shot at the end of the period, then he repeated himself against the Miami Heat, increasing the difficulty coefficient again. In this circumstance his team was down by 2, Murray went all the way down the court off the dribble and scored an incredible triple to give his team the 109-108 victory, given the subsequent mistake by Spoelstra’s team.

These two plays, however, were not enough to take him off the market. Atlanta always seems intent on trading him and is receiving proposals from so many NBA teams.

Leading the way are the Los Angeles Lakers, desperately searching for the formula to reverse the negative trend that began after winning the In-Season Tournament. A recipe that includes saying goodbye to D’Angelo Russell. The yellowviola could offer point guard, Jalen Hood-Schifino, their first pick in the 2029 Draft and other picks. Attlanta, on the other hand, would like Austin Reaves instead of Hood-Schifino. Also Milwuakee is trying since Krish Middleton seems to have lost the polish of his best days. The Bucks, however, do not have much to offer, having sacrificed most of their assets to get Damian Lillard a few months ago.

Another suggestive idea would be that of a return of Murray to the San Antonio Spurs. Victor Wembanyama’s quick maturation seems to have convinced the Texans of the possibility of becoming competitive again right away, especially with the addition of a pure scorer. Here then is the idea of a trade that would also involve the Brooklyn Nets, always eager to get rid of Ben Simmons’ contract. Atalnta would get the Australian, Sidy Cissoko, two first-round picks (2025 and 2027), a second-round pick (2024) and the cancellation of the 2026 draft pick swap. Currently, in fact, San Antonio would be entitled to the Hawks’ first-round pick in the draft scheduled two years from now, just by virtue of the trade that brought Murray to Georgia in 2022. The deal would be completed with Royce O’Neale coming to Texas (in addition to the aforementioned return of Murray), with the Nets instead getting De’Andre Hunter, Doug McDermott and Devonte Graham.

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