The order of the top three draft picks is already decided: here’s Banchero’s future

There had been so much uncertainty in recent weeks about who would be the first call-up to the 2022 draft, held by the Orlando Magic. The choice seemed to have to fall to one between Jabari Smith Jr and Chet Holmgren, with Paul Banchero that according to the bookmakers in the last few hours was climbing positions.

According to reports by Adrian Wojnarowski, the order of the first three picks would now be pretty much decided, just hours before the Draft that will start at 2 a.m. Italian time. Jabari Smith Jr should end up at the Magic, OKC at that point would have to call up Holmgren and then Houston Rockets would close the loop with Banchero.

The long man coming out of Duke, who has an Italian passport and will hopefully soon be able to make his debut in a blue jersey, will then settle in Houston, barring any surprises. In Texas he will surely have plenty of space given the recent departure of Wood and a team in total rebuilding. Here we had written today about how Banchero could fit in the different possible destinations.

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