The INCREDIBLE advantage figure in the series between the Lakers and Nuggets.

I Denver Nuggets lead 3-1 first-round playoff series vs. Los Angeles Lakers.

Jokic and his teammates were ahead 3-0 before the Yellow Jackets won Game 4, extending the contest. The series so far has been characterized by continuous comebacks by Denver in the first three games, which were won in a run-up by the Colorado franchise.

This produces an incredible figure as far as advantages are concerned. The Los Angeles Lakers led in scoring for as many as 136 minutes in the first four games, while the Nuggets were ahead for just under 42 minutes. The score was in a perfect tie for another 14 minutes. This is to illustrate how adept Denver was at comebacks and how much of a lead the Lakers squandered in the first three games.

Curious statistics but in the end in basketball it only matters to be ahead at the sound of the last buzzer. The Nuggets so far are reminding us of that, even as yellow-violet fans believe in a comeback.

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