The funniest “Twitter” account of all? Kevin Durant tells you!

The Phoenix Suns are struggling to stay afloat in the competitive Western Conference. The Suns are 34-24 and sit in sixth place in the conference standings. However, KD and Frank Vogel still find time to laugh. Kevin Durant lit up when talking about a parody of Frank Vogel’s Twitter account.

Durant praised Frank Vogel’s famous parody account when he spoke to members of the media at the 5G Performance Center on Wednesday.

“It’s the funniest account on Twitter.”, Durant said after laughing, according to Gerald Bourget. “It’s funny, everything and everyone, it’s cool. His content is not as bad as other parody accounts. And in a weird way, he’s uniting more Suns fans.”

Durant has had his share of funny interactions on Twitter, so his praise for Frank Vogel’s parody account is in high esteem. Perhaps the laughter will boost the Suns’ morale as they begin the latter part of the season.

Let’s see if Kevin Durant, Frank Vogel and the Phoenix Suns can qualify for the playoffs without going through the playoffs. It is not easy but not impossible either. They will try.

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