LeBron James is probably the most divisive player of the past 20 years in the NBA, if not ever. Even today that he has become the best scorer in NBA history and has 4 NBA championship rings on his finger, there are so many people who, especially on social media, never miss an opportunity to criticize him and belittle the accomplishments he manages to struggle to achieve.

Has it always been like this? Well, truth be told, it has been even worse for LeBron James. There was a time, when he was still the young star of the Cleveland Cavaliers, that he was considered a great bluff. It was said that he would never win, that he lacked the killer instinct that Kobe had instead, that when the ball weighed he would hide. Then came The Decision, the most famous betrayal in NBA history. And there it changed everything, sinking LeBron’s figure.

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