Tavares brings coach Chus Mateo to tears with beautiful post-EuroLega win statement

Real Madrid center and MVP of the 2023 EuroLega Final Four, Edy Tavares, dedicated almost the entirety of his team’s post-victory opening statement over Olympiacos to the man sitting next to him: coach Chus Mateo.

Tavares began by simply saying that his feelings after winning the second EuroLeague title of his career after 2018 are indescribable, and then went on to generously shower Chus Mateo with a storm of praise and love.

“The only thing I want to say is to congratulate this man who is here with me. I think he has suffered more than we have in trying to get together to play and fight for this club. I think all the credit goes to him. I think for every coach and for every first-year player everything is difficult. In Madrid it is very difficult to be the head coach. I want to congratulate him. I think we are here because of him. We are here because he believed in us. Because the people on our side didn’t believe in us and him but he did.”

Mateo was promoted permanently to his current position last July when Pablo Laso, head coach from 2011 to 2022 and mastermind of the team’s rebirth as a EuroLega powerhouse, left the club due to a health problem. Mateo has served as Laso’s assistant since 2014.

“I think you journalists should apologize to him because there has been a lot of criticism and doubt about him. I always see everyone mentioning many coaches of different teams, but no one mentions him, while they always talk about Madrid. He is the boss, so you always have to mention him and Madrid. All the credit is his because without him we would not be here.”

At that moment Mateo was moved and touched his player’s arm without being able to hold back tears.

“He was the one who believed in us from August to now. He deserves it more than anyone else. He is one of the best people I have met in my life. All the credit is his. You guys should give him credit. In Madrid it is so hard to win. There are too many Alpha men on the team and you have to manage everyone. He deserves everything.”.

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