Steph Curry recalls three wonderful anecdotes about Kobe Bryant

Stephen Curry is back to talk about the late Kobe Bryant, after recounting his relationship with LeBron James.

During the off-season NBA players devote themselves to rest, individual training and also to their entrepreneurial activities. Recently released on Apple Tv was a documentary entitled. Stephen Curry: Underrated and the phenomenon of the Golden State Warriors is promoting it.

To do so, he was a guest of Hot Ones, an online format in which Sean Evans interviews famous people while making them eat chicken wings seasoned with increasingly spicy sauces. Beyond the fairly trashy (and typically American) context, there were some very interesting passages.

Among them were three different anecdotes from Steph Curry regarding his relationship with Kobe Bryant. We have selected them for you.

The first investiture

I faced Kobe for the first time in my rookie season, in our house. I walk onto the court, make a fake and score using the scoreboard. As I return to defense I notice him saying to one of his teammates, “Hey, this one’s good.” The skit was also captured on camera. For me it was sensational to see Kobe approving my game the first time he sees me play for real, an incredible thrill.

Mamba Mentality

One time we were playing a pre-season game and he showed me in concrete what Mamba Mentality was. He tagged me full-court for the whole first quarter, he was following me everywhere, anticipating me, every time I turned around I saw him with a mean face, super focused. He stayed glued to me for four or five plays, then he started touching me, unbalancing me, he wore me down. I was so tired, I just wanted to put some gas in my legs like in every pre-season game and instead he was super aggressive, pressed me so much and was also physically superior.

Baby Faced Assassin

He gave me this nickname because he said I have a killer instinct behind the smile I sport while playing. He thought that the joy I convey when I stand on the court and this smile fooled the opponents, hiding my killer instinct and competitive spirit. I was very pleased, to have the approval of someone who is not very inclined to give compliments was beautiful.

For those who wanted to enjoy Curry grappling with spicy chicken wings:

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