RJ Barrett responds with IRONY to Carmelo Anthony who called him “ISPID”

Former NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony made headlines with his statements recently about RJ Barrett now with the Toronto Raptors after being with the New York Knicks:

“He’s just a shaggy player, bro. He’s not a phenom. It’s no disrespect. I ask a lot of people who are Knicks fans to tell me what they see: ‘He’s good, he makes a difference sometimes, but he’s not an exciting player. You don’t know if he’s going to score four points or 26.”, Anthony said about RJ Barrett, who was sent from New York to Toronto, on the 7PM podcast in Brooklyn.

On Saturday Barrett played against his former team, where he scored 20 points, grabbed 8 rebounds and dished out 4 assists. After the game, RJ Barrett was asked to comment on Carmelo Anthony’s statements.

“I think it was funny. Because the next day I scored four points. The previous game I had scored 24, so he was almost right. … He’s a Hall of Famer, man.”, Barrett said, distancing himself, as reported by the New York Post.

Although the Knicks won the game, Barrett outplayed OG Anunoby, to whom he was compared after the exchange.

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