Rachel Nichols-Maria Taylor scandal: the Nichols truth.

Former “The Jump” host Rachel Nichols received her termination letter from ESPN last summer after a recording leaked in which she made insensitive comments about Maria Taylor, who has now left the company for NBC Sports. On the latest episode of “All The Smoke” with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, Nichols revealed the truth about the situation.

“One person decided to sit and watch, spying on me as if I were their own personal TV show, and when they heard something they thought was juicy they picked up the phone and started recording my conversation.”.

One cannot help but condemn Rachel Nichols for what she said. However, it seems extremely shady of ESPN not to let their employees know about this open line where they pretty much know everything their employees do and say.

To refresh everyone’s memory, Nichols was on the phone with Adam Mendelsohn, a former adviser to LeBron James, when he showed frustration that Taylor had been chosen to be the courtside reporter for the 2020 NBA Finals in the Orlando bubble instead of him, saying it was ESPN’s attempt to be “different.” Someone from the company leaked the conversation, which led to her dismissal.

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