Paul Pierce is literally inc*** with new NBA superstars

Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce is unhappy with the current generation of NBA players who, after getting big contracts, lose their “hunger” for performance.

As most fans know, it is a common theme in the NBA to see players particularly motivated in their contract year. Seeking greater compensation, these players often increase their production to unprecedented levels. But after getting the huge contract they were seeking, their numbers drop, thus frustrating the teams they got the contract from.

Although at this point it is no longer surprising to see this kind of development, Pierce pointed out that it is simply wrong. For this reason, he could not help but be disappointed with these kinds of NBA players.

“If you want to see how much of an asshole someone really is, give them a boatload of money! In the beginning, you don’t know. A lot of guys sign big contracts, they stop being hungry.”, the Celtics icon told the podcast Garnett’s KG Certified.

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