Paul Banchero starts Summer League with a commanding victory

Paolo Banchero begins his NBA adventure with a Summer League success with his Orlando Magic against the Houston Rockets, the ones initially expected to draft him at #3.

Banchero’s first with the Florida franchise ended with. 17 points (second best scorer on the team behind Caleb Houstan), 6 assists and 4 rebounds in 26 minutes.

Definitely a very good debut, capped also by a 90-71 victory over the Texans who did not have a particularly brilliant Jabari Smith Jr, only 10 points with 4/10 from the field.

Among the spectators at the game was his future teammate, Jalen Suggs, who showered the Italian boy with compliments on live TV:

“He definitely has a lot of talent! In attack he can do everything.”

It’s not bad at all to receive immediate praise from an NBA player you train with every day. That said, there is no question that Palo Banchero is a player in a higher category than many. His goal is to become one over all. It will not be easy because the competition is fierce however, we are certain that the Seattle native will do everything to make sure that his NBA journey will be as glorious as possible!

Here some of Paolo Banchero’s actions:


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