Now who gets Jrue Holiday?

The resounding trade that brought Damian Lillard in Milwaukee has moved other players as well.

Among them is one who has suddenly become a prized piece of the market, Jrue Holiday. The Bucks’ excellent sacrifice necessary to get to Dame. We are talking about an experienced player, with excellent defensive and playmaking skills, accustomed to playing on important stages: a perfect element for any contender. At Portland Trail Blazers, determined to implement a rebuilding, serves little purpose. And he himself has no intention of staying on a team that does not compete to win.

That’s why several franchises are moving to take him home, putting merchandise on the table that might interest Portland. Among the suitors are first and foremost the Miami Heat, big disappointment in the Lillard querelle, dreamed of for so many months and then suddenly faded. Also appearing on the list are the Philadelphia 76ers, a team that would need to regain its equilibrium, given the growing bellyaches of James Harden. A factor, this one, that certainly would not be an incentive for Holiday. Finally, the Boston Celtics, who see in the now former Bucks the ideal pawn to take the place that belonged to Marcus Smart, who left as part of the trade that brought Kristaps Porzingis to green-and-white.

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