NBA – Robert Williams plays injured: Isaiah Thomas blames the Celtics

Despite the big impact he is often having in these Playoffs, Robert Williams is certainly not at 100 percent fitness. For weeks now, the longtime Boston Celtics has problems with a knee, so much so that he has to extract excess fluid virtually every day. So far Williams has never missed a Finals game, whereas he had previously forfeited twice against Brooklyn, four times against Milwaukee and once against Miami. In his absence Boston had a 5-2 record.

According to Chris Haynes, who interviewed Williams before Race-6, the Celtics reportedly assured the player that continuing to take the court despite the injury would not create future damage to his knee. However, a promise that turned the nose up at a former great, Isaiah Thomas, who commented hissily on Twitter: “I’ve heard that one before.”.

Thomas is referring to when he played on a hip injury during the 2017 Playoffs, precisely because Celtics doctors assured him that he would have no physical repercussions. IT did have repercussions, however: he missed the last 2 games of that year’s Conference Finals series against Cleveland and has never been the same since. He now struggles to even find a decadal in the NBA, only 4 years after being an All Star.

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