NBA market: Irving and Westbrook change agents, something is brewing

Strange waltz of agencies in recent hours that gives several clues about the next moves of market of NBA.

Kyrie Irving with Kanye West

Kyrie Irving was immortalized in conversation with Jaylen Brown and rapper Kanye West. West’s marketing agency has been growing a lot in recent months, and Brown is just one of the latest entrants to his stable, so it is likely that the singer may soon begin to take care of the Nets player’s business interests as well. Could it be, however, that the relationship is not only about marketing but also crosses over into the sports side? Irving since last March is no longer represented by Jay-Z’s Roc Nation but by his stepmother Shetellia Riley, is he now looking for support in West and his associates to manage the phase that could lead him to change jerseys?

Russell Westbrook changes agent

Rumors run fast but not as fast as those about Russell Westbrook traveling at supersonic speed. The Lakers player has parted ways with his longtime prosecutor, Thad Foucher, who has assisted him since his NBA debut. The Wasserman agency issued a statement explaining the reasons for the divorce and revealing what Westbrook’s future might be. Basically, the entourage thinks that the best solution for Westbrook is to try to relaunch himself in the yellowviola by taking advantage of Darvin Ham’s arrival on the bench. The player, however, seems to be having none of it and seems intent on joining a exchange, even landing on an unwelcome team and then finding an agreement through buyout, give up a large part of the 47 million guaranteed from his final year of his contract and then sign from free agent in a square where he can redeem himself. Such a transaction, according to the agency, would bring down the player’s value even further, both from an economic standpoint (in view of the next contracts) and in terms of the consideration of insiders. Hence the divorce, which is a very concrete hint about Westbrook’s upcoming farewell to the Lakers.

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Rich Paul’s Paw.

The episode was commented on Twitter by. LeBron James and his very powerful agent, Rich Paul. Tweets that many in the United States interpreted as the “hand” of Klutch Sports (Paul’s agency) in orchestrating the trade to bring Westbrook away from Los Angeles.

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