Miles Bridges nears return to Hornets

Miles Bridges was the protagonist of a turbulent summer that threatened to see him go to jail. The player was accused by his ex-girlfriend of domestic violence, a crime he essentially admitted to in court, where he “accepted” the charges thus managing to get away with various punishments but no jail time.

Through it all Bridges, coming off a career-best season, was unable to sign a new contract. As of today he is still a restricted free agent because no one, with good reason, wanted to bet on a player who was guilty of a crime as cowardly and shameful as violence on a woman. In recent hours, however, Adrian Wojnarowski has reported on a rapprochement between Bridges and the Charlotte Hornets, with plans to agree on a new contract.

The Hornets hold the rights to Miles Bridges and could possibly draw any offer, which, however, does not seem likely to come. At the news of Bridges’ possible return to the NBA, among other things under Christmas, social media rose up, deeming it shameful that the player would be rehabilitated and especially so quickly.

When and if Bridges signs a new contract, the NBA may step in and suspend him for a certain number of games. For a similar case in 2014 Jeffery Taylor was suspended for 24 games.

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