Matt Barnes hissy fits on Udoka: “Situation 100 times worse than previously thought.”

Matt Barnes in the past few hours has been one of many who have raised questions about what is happening with Ime Udoka and the Boston Celtics. Initially the situation had been presented as a simple affair between two consenting adults, Udoka and a female employee of the franchise. Because of this, many had been dumbfounded to learn that the coach would be suspended for a year for violating franchise rules. As the hours pass, however, more details emerge, still very hazy, that hopefully in the future will give us the full picture.

For example, yesterday it had begun to be rumored, with Shams Charania first to speak about it, that the relationship between Udoka and the woman was not 100 percent consensual and that the coach would make some “inappropriate comments.” towards him. More digging will probably have to be done, partly because it is hard to believe that a one-year suspension for one of the best coaches of the last NBA season is due only to a harmlessly broken rule, partly because of Brad Stevens’ almost emotional words yesterday in his press conference. Indeed, the executive and Udoka’s predecessor on the Boston bench showed utmost support for all women working for the Celtics. Something that would not have been required had it been a simple clandestine romantic relationship.

But back to Barnes, who has been running a popular podcast with Stephen Jackson for a few years now. The former player had initially defended Udoka, as many argued that the punishment was excessive for a secret affair. Now, however, Barnes has recanted, even saying that the situation is “100 times worse than we thought.”

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Since I am part of the media and I don’t want to be like everyone else, I want to report and talk about the facts, and honestly I have to say that I spoke in defense of Ime Udoka without knowing all of them. After learning the facts, I deleted what I had posted about this situation in Boston, which is dark, terrible and 100 times worse than we all thought. Some of the things that have happened I cannot forgive.. However, it is not my job to tell you what happened.

Version also shared by Richard Jefferson, who had tweeted hissily the day before: “When you find out the truth…”.

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