Los Angeles Lakers 2001 vs Golden State Warriors 2017: who wins?

I Los Angeles Lakers from 2001 and i Golden State Warriors from 2017, two of the strongest teams in the history of the NBA. But who would win a hypothetical comparison between these two super teams?

Hard to give an answer: Kobe Bryant e Shaquille O’Neal on the one hand; Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant e Klay Thompson on the other. Not to mention a number of role players Of the highest level for both teams.

The respective protagonists, however, do not seem to have much doubt. Throwing down the gauntlet was the following. Curry, stating that the 2001 Lakers would have so many difficulties in curbing ballistic prowess. of his Warriors, capable of spreading the court like very few (perhaps no) teams in the history of the game. Steph also added that he and Thompson would be unmarkable for any yellowviola and that shooting from three is always to be preferred to shooting from two.

Shaq responded in kind, essentially stating. his abilities as an intimidator would be able to neutralize Golden State’s shooting from the arc.

We had a 15-1 playoff run, we are the strongest ever, who could mark me and Kobe? Defensively against them no doubles or room to shoot, we wouldn’t let them get into a rhythm. We would use Fisher to push them inside the area and once there I would destroy them. By putting pressure on them behind the arc they would be forced to move around and every time they go inside, there would be me slamming them on the floor, kicking Steph, Klay and KD in the c***. No need to double them, just send them against me. And you know who would score a lot of points? Andrew Bogut, but they sure wouldn’t score from three.

Curry however admitted that Golden State would have some difficulty marking O’Neal, who shot big: “I would score 60 not counting free throws.”

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Quite a diatribe about which, of course (and unfortunately), one can never have the objective feedback from the field.

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