Lillard, an Eastern Conference team tries to steal Dame from Heat

Ever since Damian Lillard asked to be traded to the Portland Trail Blazers, the Miami Heat have been considered the most likely destination. However, the Heat are not the only Eastern Conference team interested in Lillard.

An Eastern Conference team other than the Heat has talked to the Blazers about a trade for Lillard, according to ESPN’s Marc Spears. Although he did not reveal which team was interested, it is clear that Miami is not the only suitor.

However, Spears’ report leaves much to be desired on the Lillard front. It is not shocking that any capable team would be interested in acquiring a player of Lillard’s caliber. But the fact that the Blazers have actually entered into trade talks with this unknown team is certainly interesting.

If Portland were to trade Lillard to a team other than the Heat, it would raise a lot of questions for us about it. In particular, would Lillard want to stay in a situation that he did not request? The buying team would have to agree with the negative answer.

Let’s watch this soap opera that has now been going on for 3 months and has not seen who knows what progress since the July declarations.

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