LeBron why did he black out the Adidas logo on Drew League jerseys?

LeBron Adidas – LeBron James has signed a lifetime contract with Nike and has been a Nike athlete since he entered the NBA, which is why it is not the best for him to be associated with Adidas. In fact, the Los Angeles Lakers superstar was an advocate even before he was drafted into the league nearly two decades ago. At this point, it is safe to say that he has an unwavering faith in the brand and vice versa.

In tonight’s surprise appearance at the Drew League in Los Angeles, LeBron showed his unquestioning devotion to Nike with a simple gesture. Drew League jerseys are sponsored by Adidas, one of Nike’s biggest competitors in sportswear, so James decided to literally cover their logo on his jersey:

As you can see in the original photo of the jersey, the Adidas logo is prominently placed just above the chest area of the jersey. James decided to hide it so as not to create confusion regarding his affinity for Nike. There is probably some sort of clause in his multimillion-dollar deal with Nike that prohibits him from wearing any other sports brand besides theirs. I wonder how they must have taken that in Adidas, although they may have expected it?

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