LeBron James will change jersey numbers again with the Lakers

LeBron James rocked the NBA Twitter world once again on Saturday night after it was revealed that the Los Angeles Lakers superstar has decided to switch back to jersey No. 23 for the 2023-24 season. After switching to No. 6 a couple of years ago, James has chosen to return to his original No. 23 jersey for the upcoming campaign.

LeBron’s agent and friend Rich Paul noted that the decision to change numbers again by James himself. Paul also said the Lakers talisman did so “out of respect for Bill Russell,” who wore the number 6 jersey during his illustrious career.

The NBA retired Russell’s No. 6 jersey from all 30 teams when he died last year, and James apparently wore the No. 6 jersey for one last season to honor the Boston Celtics icon.

King James recently explained his choice of number:

“The reason I wear the number six is manifold. One, because 23 is also one of my favorite numbers, and two times three is six.”, he said.

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