LeBron James the PLAYBOY, pinched on the sidelines pleasing the crowd

Ever since he was a kid and not the NBA superstar we know today, LeBron James has been romantically linked to Savannah, his wife as well as the mother of his three children. LeBron is a true “Family Man”, so much so that he spends a great deal of time in the company of his loved ones. This is also why a video from last night, when King was unavailable for the home game between the Lakers and Bucks, generated astonishment and hilarity.

LeBron was obviously present in plain clothes on the sidelines, sporting a very distinctive look: the new jersey of Liverpool, a team in which he owns shares, a gold chain and sunglasses despite being inside the Crypto.com Arena. But what has caused the most talk on social media is how LeBron in the pregame was flanked by as many as two women, intent on laughing with him complete with obvious physical contact.

The X account @legendz_nba, the main source when it comes to reading players’ lips, also revealed what LeBron James was saying to the two women: “First of all … Happy International Women’s Day!”. A situation that definitely has comical implications for everyone who witnessed it.

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