LeBron James “the creep”: heavy accusation from a model to King

Every now and then an influencer emerges who goes out of her way to get some popularity by trying to drag a big name into some controversy. Well, there’s no bigger name in basketball than Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James, so that’s exactly what an Instagram model named Just Ghazal decided to do with a recent accusation against King James.

Just Ghazal recently shared a photo that allegedly serves as proof that LeBron James is “slimy.” Naturally, the post exploded and, unfortunately for her, Ghazal’s bold claim backfired.

Here is Ghazal’s post in question:

“Every day a new slimy rapper/athlete. Good morning to you all. One more no for me ๐Ÿ‘‘”, Ghazal wrote in his caption..

It seems that all LeBron did was to see her story. As far as we know, this screen does not prove that LeBron James sent her a DM or anything like that. He simply must have come across a video of her and started looking at her stories. If you also want to do what King did, here is a testimonial of the content he posts:

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