Kobe Bryant, Jayson Tatum and the idea regarding ” Plan B”

Jayson Tatum told a curious anecdote at Kobe Bryant.

The Boston Celtics star joined Andre Iguodala and Evan Turner on their podcast, Point Forward. Among the various topics Tatum touched upon was an anecdote inherent in Kobe Bryant. Specifically, there was talk of his hosting a children’s camp in which he stated that itn life, one should not have alternative plans to success. in basketball (and in one’s field more generally).

As a child I found myself at a Kobe camp. He gave an intervention asking the kids there if they had a plan b, an alternative to basketball in their lives. I remember him saying afterwards, “I never had a Plan B. Why shouldn’t I devote all my time, energy and effort to the goal I’m trying to achieve?” That day had a huge influence on me; I never had a Plan B either. 50 Cent’s song goes “Get rich or die tryin’,” for me it was “Get the League or die tryin’.”

After that, Tatum compiled his Top-7 list of the strongest players of any era, listing Kobe in third place, behind Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

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