Klay Thompson’s best at Golden State Warriors parade

All the Golden State Warriors Have waited four years for this moment, but Klay Thompson waited a little longer. Or at least a little more intensely. Returning from two terrible injuries, one to his ACL and one to his Achilles tendon, despite a 2-year absence Thompson was still instrumental in the Warriors winning the title.

At the parade Klay has been among the absolute stars, often without meaning to be. It all started when the player was still on his way from his home to the meeting place for the departure of the uncovered bus. By boat of course: and while he was live on Instagram his NBA champion hat flew off., lost in the San Francisco Bay Area. Little harm, at the parade he replaced it with his captain’s hat.

Something replaceable, but with a little more difficulty, would have been the NBA championship ring. Which Thompson almost lost during the parade while hugging fans. Fortunately, Klay retrieved it and put it back on his finger.

But Thompson, though always serious from the outside, has a remarkable sense of humor. At one point, in the middle of the street, put down the full glass of alcohol he was drinking and the Larry O’Brien Trophy on the ground only to engage in a Michael Jackson-like dance.

And with alcohol Klay may have gone a bit overboard, as all his teammates understandably did. His senses must have been a little foggy when he stumbled down the street and, trying to keep himself upright for several feet, ended up dead weight on a female fan who was passing by. Fortunately nothing serious, just a very funny little scene.

Klay Thompson was also featured in the moment when players and members of management addressed a few words to the audience. While talking about Steph Curry and his tears of joy at the end of Game 6, the other Splash Brother took the microphone and teased himself and his friend: “Come on, who cries on a basketball court?”. Mindful perhaps of the gloom he himself felt, sitting on the bench a few months ago, when his return to the court was so close and everything was yet to be written.

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