Kevin Garnett wants to dedicate a son to Kobe Bryant

The Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers are bitter rivals, but that doesn’t mean they don’t respect each other. Although they dueled for years in the NBA, Celtics legend Kevin Garnett was particularly close to Lakers icon Kobe Bryant.

Garnett spoke about his relationship with the late Bryant and shared how important he was to him at the “The Stephen A. Smith Show”.

“I miss him every day.”, Kevin Garnett said about Kobe Bryant. “When I have another child someday, I don’t know when or where, but I will dedicate a child to Kobe.”

“When I met Kobe he was really a little boy. We were both kids. I saw when he was nervous, when he was a human being, and when we cried … We were naive about the NBA and we wanted it so badly. That was my brother.”

Bryant tragically passed away in 2020, leaving the basketball world in total shock. Although Garnett is not known for being the friendliest player on the court, it is clear that the two Hall of Famers forged a strong bond over the years.

In fact, they have taken similar career paths. Kevin Garnett entered the league right out of high school, getting picked in the first round in 1995. Bryant did the same the following year, forgoing college to enter the NBA in 1996.

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