Jokic or Howard in their “prime”? Dwight has no doubt: he would always choose himself!

Former eight-time NBA All-Star, Dwight Howard, has no doubt what would happen if the best version of himself faced Nikola Jokic on the hardwood.

“Dwight Howard in his prime, said Howard when asked by his former Houston Rockets teammate Chandler Parsons to choose between him and “Nikola Jokic in his prime.” He added: “All day, every day. I would dominate every game with a smile on my face. I would take Dwight Howard in his prime.”.

The question is obviously quite rhetorical for many reasons. Not only was Jokic not even playing in the NBA when Howard was in his prime, but it is fair to say that the Serbian center has not even reached his peak as a player. In fact, we have yet to see “Prime Nikola Jokic.”

Howard, a five-time All-NBA First Team member and three-time DPOY, was also a very different kind of player from Jokic, who mainly used his exceptional athleticism and immense strength to pulverize and make short work of his opponents on both ends. The Nuggets’ big man has a vastly greater arsenal as a threat from every corner of the court while running the offense himself with the passing ability and mentality of an elite point guard.

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