Joe Mazzulla helps Boston Celtics defense by taking the field

Curious episode on NBA night.

I Boston Celtics won yet another home game of their season, beating the Phoenix Suns 127-112.

In the game’s finale, after a Jaylen Brown dunk that ended the match, Royce O’Neal attempted a three-pointer with the game stopped before returning to the bench. The Suns player (0/7 from the field at the time) was standing near the Celtics’ technical area. And Boston’s coach, Joe Mazzulla, who was standing nearby, intervened with a close out.

Seemingly meaningless gesture but which the coach himself explained in the postgame.

I wanted to prevent a player who had not scored up to that point from gaining confidence before returning to the bench. We have this rule internally, we must not allow anyone to take comfortable shots. If I ask my people to contest every conclusion, I and the staff must set an example.

A statement that makes it clear how focused the Celtics are on every aspect of the game and aim to psychologically control matchups, especially on the home floor.

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