Jamal Murray traces his ordeal: “I dreamed of the title, then the fear and now the happy ending”

Jamal Murray is one of the absolute stars of the NBA title won by the Denver Nuggets.

A wonderful story for a player who just over two years ago ruptured his ACL and now has dragged the Nuggets to the NBA championship ring. A winding path, which Murray himself recounted after the victory over the Miami Heat.

Right after the end of the game I felt an incredible emotion, I couldn’t hold back the tears, I’ve worked all my life for this achievement. It was my dream since childhood, the dream that kept me going after my injury. For several months I couldn’t walk or climb stairs. Zach LaVine helped me a lot but also other colleagues who had suffered the same injury like Gallinari, Oladipo and Klay Thompson. They went through it before me, and their example made me want to be an inspiration in turn for those who face great difficulties. The mindset with which you react to what happens to you is crucial. I knew I would suck at first, I still remember the comeback match against Utah, I never felt so lost on the parquet. I didn’t want to attack the iron, go for rebounds, throw myself into traffic, I was afraid of falling back badly, I wanted to avoid any contact. I was not afraid but many doubts, I was hesitant, however, I never lost my self-confidence and now I can say it: could not wish for a better ending. During the Finals I felt butterflies in my stomach, that beautiful feeling that makes you feel alive. We can win again, with the selflessness and mutual trust that brought us this far.

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