Ja Morant makes Grizzlies fly, but one of his jubilations prompts discussion

Since his return Ja Morant, i Memphis Grizzlies are undefeated: 4 wins in as many games, against New Orleans (2 times), Indiana and Atlanta. Last night against the Pelicans came their fourth straight win, in OT against the Pelicans, thanks to 31 points from a wild Ja Morant meanwhile also named NBA Player of the Week.

Morant finished with his third 30 in the four games he has played since returning from a 25-game suspension for repeatedly displaying firearms on social media. Among the 31 points scored against NOLA, however, are 2 particularly important ones: the dunk with which Morant virtually ended the game. A spectacular and very important play for the final result, but one that is also causing discussion because of the ‘player’s jubilation.

Ja Morant in fact, once he landed after the dunk, made gestures that seemed to refer back to his “old” problem: two guns and a bazooka. Nothing serious, such exultations with imaginary guns are seen almost every game, but the fact that it was the Grizzlies star himself who mimicked them was pointed out by so many users.

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