Ja Morant immediately relapses: live Instagram with a gun

No two without three. In recent weeks, accusations had rained down on Ja Morant, according to some Pacers staff members, the player and some friends had in fact shown them a weapon after an argument in the arena garage. Then had come the turn of some police indiscretions about a case that took place last summer, when Morant allegedly beat up a 17-year-old boy following a diatribe that arose right on the basketball court. As if that were not enough, according to the allegations Morant then also allegedly displayed a weapon in that case for intimidation purposes. Police did not pursue the case due to lack of evidence.

Now, however, Ja Morant has relapsed, in a live Instagram of the past few hours, when it was nighttime in the US, the star of the Memphis Grizzlies filmed herself in what would appear to be a club, singing and dancing to the notes of a trap song. In the middle of the video, Morant can be seen picking up a small gun and displaying it in the live. This is the third episode within a few weeks in which Morant is involved in situations in which guns are also involved. In the previous two cases, there was no evidence that the incriminating guns were actually present, but here there is less doubt.

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