IT HAPPENED AGAIN! Golden State Warriors become NBA champions again

The Golden State Warriors are NBA champions again! No dice for beautiful Boston Celtics, who struggled, struggled, struggled, but finally succumbed in game-6 against the more experienced and stronger Californians.

It was not a foregone victory because Andrew Wiggins at the beginning of the year did not want to vaccinate but then fortunately for them he did and went from loser to winner. Klay Thompson was not known what he was going to be. And he went back to being something like pre-injury. James Wiseman was supposed to come back, but he didn’t, and yet they still won for the fourth time in the last eight years. And then there’s him, the man who changed the sport, the MVP, by the way, for the first time in his career: Steph Curry.

The Californians have gone through an ordeal. Two years ago they didn’t even make it to the “bubble” in Orlando, last year they lost in the play-in, this year they are NBA champions again. A beautiful story. We are sure that in 15-20 years this story will be told through a documentary at least on the level of The Last Dance.

Now it’s time to celebrate for the Warriors — but it’s also time to think about winning the fifth, and then maybe the sixth. Starting next week, though.

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