Is the return of the Seattle Sonics close? Watch out, though, for Mexico City…

Fans of the Seattle Supersonics have been waiting with bated breath for the NBA to move forward with the idea of adding franchises to its roster. Although it seems more like a “when” than an “if” at this point, the Sonics face stiff competition for one of two likely slots.

Seattle and Las Vegas are seen as “obvious” destinations in the event of expansion, but the allure of an international market could threaten the bid for a Sonics revival. Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report reports that the NBA is “looking closely” at a potential team in Mexico City, which currently holds a team in the G-League.

“After the league closes its CBA contracts, it will look to expand, beginning the process around 2025. While Las Vegas and Seattle may seem like obvious destinations, the NBA is looking closely at the G-League Capitanes to assess the feasibility of adding Mexico City to its destinations.”

The Seattle Sonics’ fanbase is tried and true, but the NBA will likely take a long, hard look at Latin American penetration with a move to Mexico City. As much as the league wants European expansion, complex time zone issues and very long flights pose serious obstacles.

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