Is Dejounte Murray’s farewell a prelude to Gregg Popovich’s retirement?

After the San Antonio Spurs traded their best player, Dejounte Murray, to the Atlanta Hawks in exchange for tomorrow’s resources, there was immediate controversy over Gregg Popovich’s future with the franchise. Some believed that Coach Pop would decide to call it quits for good after an illustrious coaching career.

Well, it seems that this will not happen yet. ESPN’s NBA guru Adrian Wojnarowski reports that Gregg Popovich is expected to remain as head coach of the Spurs next season:

“The Spurs are now in full rebuilding mode. As far as Gregg Popovich is concerned, the expectation is that he will continue. He really enjoyed coaching that young team last year. He likes this young group.”.

As Woj said, Coach Pop enjoyed coaching this young group last season. Murray may now be out of the picture, but there are still quite a few young prospects on the roster that apparently piqued Popovich’s interest.

Let’s see if the anticipation of the ESPN reporter will materialize or the idea of retirement will come back into Pop’s head. Objectively, we are nearing the end of the run for the NBA guru and any summer could be the last.


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