Irving to the Lakers and Anthony Davis to Brooklyn? It’s not an impossible deal

With Kyrie Irving being pitched to the Los Angeles Lakers for a potential reunion with former teammate, LeBron James, the big question has been: what does LA have to give up to make this deal happen? The Lakers have few assets of value right now. This brings us to a question: should they seriously consider a potential trade between Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis?

ESPN’s NBA guru Brian Windhorst has been playing up this potential crazy deal. Windhorst suggests that the Nets, who are reportedly at an “impasse” regarding Kyrie’s extension, would only be interested in sending Irving to the Lakers if Anthony Davis were part of the deal. At the same time, however, the NBA analyst also made it clear that he does not believe this deal can actually happen.

Just like the Nets, you can also imagine why the Lakers seem hesitant in terms of a full commitment to Davis long-term. Even though they signed him through 2025, it is not surprising that Davis’s name is now being dragged into trade rumors. Injuries have been a big problem for the eight-time All-Star, and unless he recovers this season, AD’s future in Hollywood will likely always be in question.

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